Internal Assessment of Advancement and
Arrival of New Head of School

Cary Academy has been blessed with extraordinary Founders whose
bold vision and unprecedented philanthropy have in a relatively short
history put Cary Academy in enviable company as the only National
School of Excellence in North Carolina. The Founders have been
leading a relatively small, dedicated and wise Board of Directors for
all fifteen years of the school’s existence. And due to the Founder’s
extraordinary beneficence, the school has not been required to
 seek nor sought major philanthropic support from other key
 constituencies and stakeholders.

Now, after fifteen years as a Founding Board and the selection of the new and only second Head of School, the timing was appropriate to review the composition and size of the Board of Directors and explore ways to engage new stakeholders in helping shape, impact and support Cary Academy’s bright future.

The Founders and Board are taking substantive and well-conceived steps to set this evolution in motion. With the arrival of the new Head of School, the timing is ideal for the new Board and administrative leadership to collectively plan for future Board growth and development.

Witzleben/Associates Internal Assessment of Advancement contained a well-conceived set of recommendations built around an institutional strategy, inspired by the Founders, to inculcate and build a broader culture of philanthropy and sense of ownership and equity in the school’s future. The arrival of a new Head of School, working with a veteran staff, creates a confluence of opportunity to make an institutional commitment to Advancement programs characterized by a sense of newness and energy, creative and bold thinking and “best practices” across the board. Significant emphasis is placed on building broader volunteer engagement and major gift fund raising.

Philanthropic Impact