Affinity Model for Engagement and Philanthropy

By all important measures, the Eckerd campaign was an
extraordinary success achieving $86 million towards $80
goal (revised from $75 million), in support of a multitude
of milestones that truly lifted the college with new
distinctions across the campus and curriculum.

The campaign was the single biggest connector for Eckerd
in its history. Through the campaign and the college’s 50th
anniversary, over 10,000 alumni, parents and friends have
been engaged as participants in a multitude of activities
and the college secured over 10,860 donors. Prior to the campaign, Eckerd raised approximately $4 million per year and during the campaign, the college raised approximately $16.5 million per year.

One of the most striking successes of the campaign was showcasing the sciences through the engagement and leadership of faculty and alumni in substantive ways. The college took a holistic approach in developing a program of education, engagement, cultivation and fund raising.

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Engagement and Philanthropy.