Reigniting a Culture of Philanthropy

Hanover – both college and advancement program – found
itself in a rather static state not unlike other liberal arts institutions
experiencing enrollment challenges and operating deficits.
Additionally, a lack of identification and cultivation of major
gift prospects hampered development efforts.The end result
was compromised alumni morale and pride for this historically
great institution and a loud call for RESURGENCE!
President Sue DeWine has infused the college with vitality,
gracious charm, smarts, authenticity, and an appetite for
relationship building and fund raising. People are joining
forces with her in bringing Hanover back to its glory days.

• The feasibility study found trustees and alumni hungry for resurgence and a sharper
  focus on objectives that had a direct bearing on recruiting and retaining 1200
  students - the formula for a sustainable and viable business model.
• The Board approved a $35 million 3-year initiative after a “deep dive” session with
  presentations on institutional impact and return-on-investments by the principals
  responsible for implementing each initiative objective.
• The Board embraced committing $10 million of the goal through their personal gifts.
• The college inaugurated cumulative giving societies to recognize its largest previous
  donors with great fanfare.
• The faculty and staff committed $500K with over 71% participation.
• There is an entirely new spirit at Hanover and after two years the college publicly
  kicked-off the Live Our Loyalty Campaign with commitments of $20 million.

Leadership is the differential in any campaign!