Building the Endowment

Whether in or out of a campaign, institutions should have
intentional multi-year plans to grow their endowments.

The ten-year presidency of Tom Chema has been marked by
dramatic improvements to the campus and physical facilities
as well as implementation of innovative academic and
co-curricular programming. Hiram’s continued trajectory,
like many small colleges, will be largely dependent on
permanent endowment funds that ensure excellence.
President Chema has committed the remaining years of his
presidency to building Hiram’s endowment to $100 million with a well conceived,
trustee approved long-range financial model with interim milestones. The proactive
and strategic asset management plan includes multi-year annual goals for new outright
and planned gifts, investment growth and spending policies.

Witzleben/Associates working collaboratively with Yankey Associates (Beechwood, Ohio)
conducted the due diligence and worked with three highly focused committees –
financial modeling, communications and fund raising – leading to a trustee retreat
dedicated to rigorous discussion to achieve understanding and enthusiastic buy-in
before approval of the plan.

Witzleben/Associates has enjoyed three consulting stints with Hiram College since
1990 – two capital campaigns and the endowment initiative.