Excellence in Social Enterprise

Witzleben/Associates and the original Tommy Nobis Center,
now Nobis Works, have enjoyed a marvelous 24-year
relationship starting with the campaign to raise capital funds
for the headquarters building in Marietta, Georgia. In recent
years the fund raising partnership has focused on periodic
major gift initiatives to raise program development funds
for job placement and social enterprises such as Reworx, an
electronics recycling program, that help generate new
sustainable revenues in support of the organizational mission.
Social enterprises like Reworx provide extraordinary
resource development benefits including:

• Supports the mission and generates revenue and work opportunities for current clients
  and expanded clientele
• Opens doors to private funds from foundations, individuals and corporations for
   “venture capital” to create organizational sustainability
• Creates jobs for the community
• Creates a better life for clients
• Creates greater awareness of Nobis Works
• Operates within the scope of the organization to support and execute
• Generates sufficient revenues within reasonable timeframe to become self-sustaining
  and produce profitable margins in support of mission.

Whether you have electronic surplus or non-working electronic waste items, don’t
send them to a landfill or to a recycler without proper credentials. Donate them to
Nobis Works for its electronics recycling program, Reworx. Cell phones, laptops, PCs,
servers, phone systems, UPS battery backups and more. This social enterprise helps
divert electronic equipment from landfills, may provide donors a tax deduction, and
helps provide jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

People. Planet. Purpose.