The firm’s primary objective is to assist clients in defining and achieving optimal philanthropic potential by articulating a clear vision of their unique mission and case for support.  

The firm’s strength is its ability to thoroughly analyze advancement programs, identify capabilities of current systems and structures that allow for significant enhancement and future growth, and develop course corrections and reinforcement for underperforming areas.  

Thoughtful and creative approaches tailored to the client's particular circumstances are developed to move advancement programs to new levels of attainment. While adhering to winning principles of institutional advancement, prescribed recommendations are largely shaped on the unique characteristics of the client and the environment in which it operates.

Concerned with both conceptualization and implementation, the firm provides detailed guidance in the functional areas of advancement while keeping larger issues and "the big picture" in the forefront of consultation. 

The firm establishes strong partnerships at every level of the organization, building relationships between clients and their donors and volunteers, both for achievement of specific, short-term fund raising objectives, and more importantly in the development of strategically designed programs that can advance an institution's long term mission and goals. 

The firm provides periodic on-site counsel. On-site visitation with prearranged agenda is typically on a monthly basis, especially early in the consulting relationship. Continuing communication by phone, fax, email, letter, and by regular exchange of pertinent materials is encouraged and facilitated by counsel between visits. The amount of consulting assistance needed may vary depending on the type and stage of development effort. 

Following an in-depth discussion and careful review of your needs, a proposal for a consulting relationship will be developed based on your institution's unique characteristics detailing specific ways the firm can be of assistance. Fees, travel and other expenses will be fully stated in writing.