Witzleben Associates offers three options to fulfill clients' higher education and nonprofit search needs:

        Full service search consulting, which includes:
  • Site visit and interviews with key staff and search committee/hiring manager
  • Preparation and/or review of job description
  • Ad placement
  • Candidate pool development
  • Initial candidate screening
  • Presentation of “A” and “B” lists of candidates
  • Facilitation of phone/Google Hangout screening interviews
  • Use of assessment rubric
  • Facilitation/scheduling of three candidate on-site visits
  • Assistance with orientation planning for new hire

    Fee: Percentage of starting salary for new hire plus expenses.
        Limited support search consulting, which could include any of the above. A flat fee is
        agreed-upon with the client and the contract is for a defined timeframe.
    Fee: Determined by scope of work.
        Retainer model, which would give the client a pre-determined number of hours each
        month to use Witzleben Associates consultants for various needs pertaining to
        obtaining and retaining key advancement and marketing staffers. These services
        could include candidate interviews, resume review, new hire and existing advancement
        staff coaching, etc. 
    Fee: 15 hours/month for $5,000 plus expenses.
For more information or to request a proposal, please email search@witzleben.com or contact Matthew Bisset at 727.531.1830 or Valerie Gliem at 727.641.8281.